Friday, 27 November 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #141

Née bother...
15 Footballers' Names As They'd Appear If They Took Their Wives' Surnames Rather Than The Other Way Around

1. Ashley Tweedy (Chelsea)
2. Carlos Mansillo (Man City)
3. Didier Diakite (Chelsea)
4. Fernando Liste (Liverpool)
5. Jamie Hart (Liverpool)
6. Jlloyd Pritchard (Bolton)
7. Joe Zucker (Chelsea)
8. Mikel Bernal (Everton)
9. Robbie Palmer (Tottenham)
10. Robin Elbali (Arsenal)
11. Roque Tavarelli (Man City)
12. Ryan Cooke (Man United)
13. Shay Cunningham (Man City)
14. Steven Curran (Liverpool)
15. Wayne McLoughlin (Man United)

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