Thursday, 13 May 2010

And the 2009-10 winners are...

As the dust finally settles after another whirlwind Premier League season, it's time to hand out the virutal trophies for our Fantasy Premier League and I Know The Score competitions.

Beginning with the former, we're delighted to announce that Chris Gordon has done it again. Having won the 2008-09 SPAOTP Fantasy Premier League, he's retained the title by winning the 2009-10 version as well (see table right - click for larger version)!

His team this year, The Glengarry Leeds, romped home with a score of 2,403 - a full 269 points more than last season - and that's 74 points more than our 2009-10 runner-up Matthew Nerney and his team Red Lions FC. Dan Arvid Bjørsvik finished third, a further 27 points behind, with his team Dango FC. Last season's runner-up, Graham Matthews, finished fifth this time around.

Once again, we're delighted to say that your collective interest in our league has made it one of the most popular on the official Fantasy Premier League website. Out of 193,262 registered mini-leagues, ours was ranked 1,674th and for that we thank all of you for taking part, regardless of how your team fared!

Over on our I Know The Score mini-league (see table left), we have a new champion in the shape of JimmyJazzzz, a Blackburn fan from Ireland. He finished top of our league of 22 teams with a score of 2,875 points - nearly 400 points more than last season's champion TokyoToffeeman who this time could only finish fourth. Our runner-up for 2009-10 was EvanQuigley, an Arsenal supporter, again from Ireland, with 2,850 points - just 25 short of JimmyJazzzz!

Third place in our I Know The Score mini-league goes to RobAdelaide with 2,740 points, and as ever we need no excuse to give a special mention to our old friend ChrissMari who this season finished a very commendable fifth on 2,415 points.

And that's about it for another season. Once again it's been a lot of fun pitting my football knowledge and tactical astuteness against you all, so thanks for taking part and the best of luck for next season too!

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