Sunday, 6 December 2009

SPAOTP's Advent Calendar: Day 6

Time now for another five quiz questions as we count down the days on our SPAOTP Advent Calendar.

Once again, feel free to leave us a comment with your guesses to the questions, and we'll tell you if they're right or wrong. If they're wrong, we promise not to laugh too much, but either way we'll tell you what all the correct answers at the end of tomorrow's Advent Calendar post. Here goes, then...

Question 1:

Which team played Arsenal in Britain's first televised football match?

Question 2:
Which country brought 360 bottles of wine to Euro 96 courtesy of a full back with shares in a vineyard?

Question 3:
Which former manager once said: "Norman Hunter misses a few but he gets in the right place to miss then"?

Question 4:
What position did both captains play in during the 1934 World Cup Final?

Question 5:
Which Arsenal player was once let off a driving ban because he needed his car to attend a rehabilitation clinic?

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