Friday, 4 December 2009

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #142

First and foremost...
32 'Firsts' From The World Cup's Long And Illustrious History

1. First qualifying match: Sweden v Estonia, 11 June 1933
2. First World Cup Finals match: Mexico v France, 13 July 1930
3. First goal scored at the World Cup Finals: Lucient Laurent (France) v Mexico, 13 July 1930
4. First World Cup goal scored from a penalty: Manuel Rocquetas Rosas (Mexico) v Argentina, 19 July 1930
5. First player sent off in a World Cup Finals match: Placido Galinda (Peru) v Romania, 14 July 1930
6. First player to receive a red card in a World Cup Finals match: Carlos Caszely (Chile) v West Germany, 14 June 1974
7. First coach to be sent off in a Finals match: Cayetano Re (Paraguay) v Belgium, 11 June 1986
8. First player to miss a World Cup penalty: Valdemar de Brito (Brazil) v Spain, 27 May 1934
9. First player to score a hat-trick at the Finals: Guillermo Stabile (Argentina) v Mexico, 19 July 1930
10. First player to score an own goal in the Finals: Ernst Loertscher (Switzerland) v West Germany, 9 June 1938
11. First player to score a 'golden goal': Laurent Blanc (France) v Paraguay, 28 June 1998
12. First player replaced due to injury in a World Cup match: Alex Thepot (France) v Mexico, 13 July 1930
13. First player to be substituted in a Finals match: Viktor Serebrannikov (USSR) replaced by Anatoly Puzach v Mexico, 31 May 1970
14. First World Cup Finals match to end in a draw: Italy 1-1 Spain, 31 May 1934
15. First World Cup Finals match to go to extra time: Austria v France, 27 May 1934
16. First African country to appear in the Finals: Egypt, 1934
17. First Asian country to appear in the Finals: Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), 1938
18. First Finals tournament where numbers were worn on players' shirts: 1938
19. First World Cup Finals match to end goalless: Brazil v England, 11 June 1958
20. First World Cup where drug testing was used: England 1966
21. First World Cup mascot: World Cup Willie, 1966
22. First headed goal in a World Cup Final: Geoff Hurst, 1966
23. First player to receive a yellow card in the World Cup Finals: Evgeni Lovchev (USSR) v Mexico, 31 May 1970
24. First qualifying match played on artificial turf: Canada v USA, 24 September 1976 in Vancouver
25. First qualifying match played indoors: USA v Canada, 20 October 1976 in Seattle
26. First Finals match to be played indoors: USA v Switzerland, 18 June 1994
27. First team to win a qualifying match on a penalty shoot-out: Tunisia, winning 4-2 on penalties after a 1-1 draw with Morocco, 9 January 1977
28. First match in the Finals to be decided with a penalty shoot-out: France v West Germany, 8 July 1982
29. First team that failed to score in a penalty shoot-out at the Finals: Switzerland v Ukraine, 2006
30. First time Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and North/Central America were represented in the World Cup Quarter Finals: 2002
31. First player to appear in three successive World Cup Finals: Cafu (Brazil), 1994-2002
32. First team to be eliminated from a World Cup Finals without conceding a goal: Switzerland, 2006 Second Round

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